Dating A Married Man

I knw it is wrong but feels right. My best relationship ever. Done it for the first time and don't regret
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I know people that swear by it because the married always are at their best and it is new and exciting for them.Often sex at home is nill and very routine life so getting out showing someone a good time out on the town then having some all out sex just drives them.That is what the ones that were involved w/married men told me it was like.

There's a different story to each affair, and yes as exciting as sex can be in some of these affairs it is not theeeee factor. Sometimes there is no sex at all only chatting, cuddling sharing ideas like in any normal relationships. And there's fights too like normal couples do, I cannot assume that because mine is like this everyone else's must be like that also...

Yes very true,some are emotional affairs and some are what you describe-the cuddling,talking,etc.They come in many forms.

Thanks dear,it is just sad that at times he gets caught a,and I get to get all the surprise phone calls which I don't even answer back to. Never meant to hurt the wife, however I love her man. I don't want him to leave her as I made a decision that I will never get married. It has it's own challenges but am happier than when I was with a single guy. I know for a fact that it is not lust but love,going for the third year now,I knw there will be always judgements but I don't worry because no one has been in my own shoes. I will never cheat on him and I value all the time he makes to be with me. All the best to you as well

I can completely relate....if you know the risks, the highs and lows and you are a strong person...all the power to you....i am on the same path...i became selfish and went with it....good luck!