Well I have read many of the stories posted here and I can say that many of them have the same sentiment as mine. I think that I just need an outlet to get my story out.

I am dating a married man. We have been seeing each other now for 6 months now and I think that I am at the cross road of where I need this to be. That being said, since this is fairly new to me, I have never dated a married man before, I think that I am at the point of ending it. I just don't think that I have guts to.

The connection between us is great. However it is one sided, there is no real life in it. I am available when it is necessary for him and that doesn't work for me. I do believe that people 'stray' and that people fall in and out of love when married. I know that relationships don't always work, when dating or married.

Any advice on how to end this? There isn't anything wrong.....just that he's married and I need more. I know it's going to be hard, but I just don't know if I can truly end it. Is there any silver lining in this?

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Well thank you to everyone that's shared and responded. <br />
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Here is an update: <br />
We met and talked. And I couldn't end it. <br />
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I think that people meet everyday and can learn grow from each other in a number of beautiful ways. There is no right or wrong in life, it is a series of hit and misses. That's what makes life so beautiful. People cheat, people change and people grow. I have made a realization that I can enjoy this relationship for now and stop worrying about the future and 'what if's. I will drive myself crazy if I obsesses over him and his home life, so now I don't. On the other hand, I am taking your advice 'shesback' and I am focusing on myself.

I'm married man who would leave my wife to be with my former affair partner...former because due to a number of circumstances, has become a daily texting fiend instead of a twice a week lover. She is also married. The thing is, things take time. Extraction from a marriage takes time too. Maybe years. But what is clear to me is that I need to leave my marriage on my own, not because of any one person. If love is there, maybe eventually it will work out, but it won't be soon most likely.

I know about extraction from marriage. It took me 5 years. That's part of the reason that I am sympathetic to the situation. I didn't leave for anyone, I left the marriage because it was over. It takes a while to get there.

Get out now girl! I am in the same boat and let me tell you something they never leave their wives! It is very very rare if they do. I just ended my 8 month affair and I am heartbroken right now, but I know it is for the best! You have to get out or it will only get worse! Stop contact!

Start to date other men, preferably available... He is not the last man on earth... Open your eyes before your wasted all your life...