The Beginning

Long story short.....I missed the bus one day (my first time ever riding it) and a guy that owns the barber shop that the bus stop sits in front of came out and offered me a ride. This was a few months ago (like 2) and ever since that day I stop by in the mornings and say hi before i get on the bus. "Slim" ( the barber shop guy.. not his real name or nickname, but to keep it confidential we'll go with it) has always been super nice. If i ever miss the bus all i have to do is walk into his shop and he'll find me a ride. Well every guy that has given me a ride has always asked for my number but Slim hasnt. Got me wondering... So i asked him why. Then he dropped the bombshell on me that he's married!!! Never wears his ring in the shop because he doesnt want to get hair caught in it... and so and so. So after finding out this man is not only gorgeous, sweet, funny, and now married... I was crushed. I told him i wasnt goin to come in his shop anymore. I kind of felt wrong since in reality i wanted to have sex with this man and now that he's married it kind of changed things. Well a week later i went in there (a friday) and hung out with him and the guys for a bit and then left, but when i was leaving he asked if i was going to come back. I told him maybe. I went home to get ready for a date that evening and decided to have a few drinks, needless to say when i finished getting ready i was buzzin' and decided to go hang with the guys some more. I ended up going there and getting wasted. they were all drinking too because i guess every friday they sit at the shop and pre-game. I was in the back making another drink and when slim came in he grabbed at my dress and i spun around and kissed him. He kissed me back and the night envolved no sex but lots of secret gropes and grabs. Monday i went in to apologize and talk about it and things went back to normal.... kinda. now he's more open with me and i go in there like twice a day. we flirt now and I cant stop smiling when im with him and today he touched me alot( not sexual), just more than he used too. and he told me he wanted to take me out to lunch thursday. IDK what to do. everything feels good, and nothing is sexual yet, and I'm happy. It's positive attention. Granted I really want to have sex with him and thats really always been my main motive for coming around so much (I dont do well in relationships), but hes always been a good friend and now hes becoming more... I think this is the start of my relationship with a married man
M0naLisaSmil3d M0naLisaSmil3d
18-21, F
May 8, 2012