Would I Want It Done To Me?????

Well,it's been 6 months and the passion is still there. The bond created has grown deeper. After all the negativity from various men over the years my trust in men is no more.....until I met him. He supports me emotionally. He helps me in everyway possible. Only downfall is that he's married. Is Wat we do right?? Prolly not. But for now I'm satisfied. I'm not the long term relationship type. With every situation u go thru in life u learn something. From this with all the positive things that come out of this I now realize Wat a good man can do for me. Married or not. I know when I do meet a single man I now know Wat I'm looking for instead of just settling out of loneliness. I strongly care for him as he does me. And our sex life is beyond amazing .....it'll be sad to see this end as we all know one day it will.....
bamzwurld bamzwurld
36-40, F
May 12, 2012