Fate Is A Real Thing...


That was me back in 2008. J and I are now celebrating 2 years of living together, he has been legally divorced since 2010! I've never been happier in my life. But I will tell you one thing I never lied to myself. I ended up leaving him in 2009, wouldn't return his calls, texts, emails. He came looking for me and I was very honest when I told him that I wanted more or to leave me the **** alone, his response was that he didn't want to live without me and that he had left his wife. Never in a million years would I be a girl to be with a married man but fate is a real thing, I'm not at all regretful for ever getting involved with him. What we have is real and I feel it every time we're together. 5 years and counting...
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May karma pay you back 10 fold

Awwwwwee so happy for you!! <br />
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I'm in similar situation trying to gain strength to do what my heart tells me LEAVE! 2.5 yrs and counting..:/



Thank you!