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I recently met this man, he is very attractive and we went out once before. Then his wife text me asking who I was and why I was messaging her man. I had no clue that he was married until his wife told me. But once I found out, I know the right reaction should be disgust and never wanting to tak to him again, but I just became more intrigued. We continued texting. We even came up with a code word so I know it's him texting me and not his wife. We semi hooked up. There was no intercourse but lots of kissing and touching.....I had fun and now am considering seeing him again and finishing what we started. It's not so bad if it's only for te summer right? It's not like I want to make him my boyfriend. He has a wife. Insight please! I'm in my early twenties and he's in his mid thirties.
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Get out now. I had your same mentality and it will back fire in your face wearing your heart on your sleeve. Not worth the mind **** in the end. You will get caught up (as in love with each other) and possibly so will he. Atleast in my scenario. Run while you can. I just broke mine off and oh my god the pain that I have to bare.... I have to see mine at work and that makes it a thousand times worse. Jump ship now. Take it from someone with first hand knowledge ...

Your walking into a minefield. you might think you wont get emotionally involved with him but if you can't walk away from the start then things will only get messy. If you chose to stay with him I hope you have fun before you have to deal with the more serious consequences. xx

do what makes you happy. if you can sleep with yourself afterwards, then it may be well worth it. don't let other people decide what is right and wrong for you and push their "morals" onto you. i know a few people that preached how horrible having an affair was only to later find out they had a long term or multiple affairs themselves...and these were both women! to think that one meaningful emotional and/or physical relationship will sustain you for the rest of your life is a bit ridiculous to me anyway. sure there are people that may never stray from their relationship or marraige, but i question how many are happy and satisfied. just make sure you know and accept the realities of the situation and keep your feelings in check. i say be safe and protect yourself and do what you feel.

My.morals say don't...but the.intrigue says.screw his.eyes.out

This is a really bad idea. You're going to hurt his wife--which she doesn't deserve. Keep in mind that a lot of men will make their wives out to be horrible in some way to justify their cheating. It might seem exciting, as we get older it's harder to find things that we're not supposed to do which will not end us up in jail. But seriously, respect yourself and this other woman and get away from that guy. And as losttoday60 says, you may get your feelings involved and end up the one getting hurt. I went through a stage where tons of married guys were trying to date me. It was frustrating at times because I was really attracted to a couple of them. Ultimately, I knew that I would be hurting another intentionally and could never be a part of it. I've been on the other side and I can tell you it's painful.

So your saying you've been the "other woman" before? And what made it painful?

I can see how that would be confusing. No, I was the one cheated on.