I Dont Know What To Do???

i am glad i get the chance to share my story with you guys with out being judged since their lot of you with the same situation. well let us start my story i know this amazing guy for almost a year now and have been dating for about 4 months.i knew he was married from the first day i met him because he mentiond it. i even saw the ring on his finger well wat can i say that doesnt stoped me from getting close to him. when we first kiss it was all about the physical attraction but then emotion start to get involved. i just hate the fact that he got someone else in his life. in the past 4 months i was with him 24/7 his wife lives in another place so we have all the time we want to be together.
lately i have been feeling so sad and emotional . he is going this summer to see her and i dont even know how to deal with that it just hurt so bad. he told me he loves me and he is gonne leave her but when ever i try to talk how and when he hates it. i told him he have to tell her this summer and he say ok i can tell her about you but i cant just leave her like that because she is gonne get hurt so bad. i dont even knw what that really mean why cant he leave her if he is gonne tell her about me why?? i asked him all he can say is we are moving too fast and he dont want to rush in to things and that is killing me i am so inlove with him that i cant wait any longer. tell what to do? thank you for your comments.
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Dont' focus on how the relationship started... You should be from the "SHOW ME" State. If he's going to leave her, then tell him to show you. You almost have to treat it like a business. arrangement. At a store you would never let anyone tell you your change is $1 and then give you 20 cents. Don't do it in your personal life either.

tnx :) that really was helpful :)

They all say the same thing, leave now before it gets any worse! You are still so young and life is too short to waste a good deal of it on someone who prolly just wants his cake and ice cream too. Believe me honey, I have been there and done that, and it ain't a pretty picture when the cookie finally crumbles.<br />
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Keep reading along if you ain't convinced! There are some women on here who started out just like yourself, they were all in love because they had met "mr wonderful" only to be back 15 years later; sad and bitter because the mister wonderful had fed them all these lies for so many years before he finally decided to be honest and say that he can't leave his wife. (I mean that's what it will amount to) (you have to know that this type of news can come in any way, shape or form) It can be in the form of them claiming they can't leave for monetary reasons, or the kids are too young, his wife is sick, the in-laws will hate him, etc!<br />
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If I was you, I would get out while the getting is still good. Sounds like your man is no exception to the game, and he is not any more interested in leaving his wife now, than these other married men who say they are. There are a few that do leave, but keep in mind the majority of them don't!

thank you .. for your comment that was really helpful &lt;3