Never Happyending.

Yes you all beautiful ladies out there, I want to share my stories so you'll see your story is not special, what he's done to you is not extra ordinary. All married men do that.

I met this married guy, he's so smart, he's charming, he's handsome, he's everything and he's married. I fancy him, but I kept my feelings inside. Later on, we are more intense talking, he started sharing me his bad stories about his marriage, I didn't buy it. He asked me out, I said no. He didn't give up. One day he told me he's separated, and on the process of divorce. How I cherish this news! And finally I said Yes, lets go out. We had a great evening as expected, because we shared this chemistry for long times, we listened to nice music, drinking wine and then he kissed me. I loveeeddd it! You all grown up ladies out there must know how is it feel to kiss after waiting for some times. It was amazing! But still I kept my head straight, we didn't have sex until the some couple of dates. The sex was amazing, I was head over heel but (again) still I kept head straight, thinking that he's an experienced man, he knows how to please women, I tried to think its casual and ready for no more contacts. But I was wrong, the morning after he texted me, told me how he couldn't sleep thinking about what was just happening, he's soo cherished the moment we had. Got a green light like that then as other normal women, I was melted. For the 5 months We met almost every nights and during the days we texted almost every hour. Day by day our relationship were getting stronger and intense. While I was accepting the fact he was still married (eventhough he's separated), he was the one who pushed the envelope further, talking about future, talking how he wanted to wake up beside me every morning. It was one of the best moment in my life. Eventhough, sometimes my conscious reminded me that its all superficial because by status he's still married. But I decided to listen to my heart more than my brain.

Finally the things that I was afraid the most came. He acted distant. He didn't kiss me like the way he used to do. I felt it. One day, before left to office he walked me to the door,he starred at me so long, he kissed me and fake a smile, I fake a smile too. Apperantely it was the last time I saw him. When I was driving to the office I cried, I know it was happening, women instinct. After that he didn't contact me at all. And after 2 weeks, I asked whats happening. He said he couldn't stop thinking about his kids and he basically couldn't thinking about anything else but his kids. And his kids was staying with his wife. I got the "message". I realized I was the outsider, I tried to collect my self and be as strong as I could and back off. We broke up and we never have anymore contacts until now. He moved to another city, me too.

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I'm in the same position right now, :( but I was trying to stop our relationship because it seems that he has no time for me anymore.. Its so hard, but I know I need to do this to keep distance on him, were both in the same workplace..I need to be strong..

be strong....

How sad......Sound like he knew what he was doing all along. It's sad that he put you through that. Some day he will get his. Married guy just don't care who they hurt.

So sorry, but you have now learned to keep a distance until he is truly single.