New Here Need Help Im So Confused!

ok this is hard for me i dont tell anyone except my best friend about him because i know its wrong but you cant help who yo fall in love with right?? ok here we go I am 22 years old he is 38 years old so we obviously have a big age gap but it does not feel like that at all. I have been seening him for about 4 months now and a couple weeks ago we were hanging out and i blurted out I love you he just looked at me for a sec and then he said its ok Im in love with you. hes been married a long time and has a two year old baby with her i have never out right said leave your wife for me i mean come on its only been 4 monts 1st off and 2nd im not stupid the chances of him leavin are slim to none! but the topic has been brought up and hes baically said hes not gonna leave her but hes not in love with her but sometimes he does feel guilty expecually after we have sex. so idk wat to do should i wait it out c if it canges or just leave i mean i love this man so much its craz i cant imagin me without him! HELP
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As a wife and a mother my husband has been distant for months 2 days before are anniversary I find a condom in his truck. He claims that he does not know how that got there... This tearing my family apart my children are suffering even our older so. Thinks his dad is cheating on us. You need to think that what you two are doing may feel good to you.. But it is tearing everyone else apart.. Do you really want to have that on your concious that you are responsible for a child hateing his father for cheating...... Just something for you too think about...

Hey Sweetie! I have a similiar situation as u w/ a MM of 4 months also. When u get a chance, I recently wrote a long detailed post on about my experience so begins w/ Ladies! Ladies! I wish I knew how to copy and paste it on EP. Hope it helps u. Why we may not have what we prefer in this situation, we can use what we do have to come out on top and win. Only my bestie knows too and she is VERY SUPPORTIVE. Stay strong!!

End it! Its wrong on so many levels, I dont believe this is love. Love isnt born out of deception and wont last because of it. If he did leave his wife for you... you would never trust him... if he did it to her he will do it to you as well. He will not trust you either because you cheated with a married man. If you are not stupid as you state... then end the affair. Have respect for yourself as well as other women. He is not in love with you or he would have left his wife. Hes in lust with you ... thats it!!

only 1 advise, go keep reading the stories of so many girls experiences when they become the other woman. You'll find the answer..