What reason does your mm give for not leaving his wife? And do you believe him?
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Kids, money, her feelings the whole 9 yards you would think with how badly she treats him and their children he would leave asap but hey I guess we will see if he is being truthful or not right?

He has kids, however it was not one of the reasons he gave when I asked him to confess to his wife. His reason was that he didn't want to hurt her feelings and that he preferred she be the one to end it to alleviate more guilt on him. Now when I think about it, I cringe. I felt so guilty for being the other woman. I asked him if HE felt guilty too. His response was that he didn't feel guilty to his wife but to his kids he did. Three years later I think about this very night and see how distorted his mind was.

my mm stays with his wife for the kids. but we both know that even if he did leave her, we would never be able to make a relationship work, ****buddies is just what we both want

They don't have sex. No, I don't believe him. I've known too many couples were I know both sides of the story. Usually the one having the affair is selfish.

kids. Funny tho, when I first met him 7 years ago, he couldnt wait to leave her, but then he got sick before he had a plan. Here it is 7 years later, hes not sick anymore, but he has one excuse after another. For the life of me I don't know why he stays, his wife is unbeilevably cruel to him and over the last 2 weeks they have dealt with bugs, mice and overdrafts. Yet he continues to stay. ugh!!

There is always a reason, and guys will say ANYTHING to keep you on the hook. You can accept that he will never leave, or you can find another guy. Those are your only two realistic choices. You can't MAKE him leave her, and if you do, he surely won't come to be with you, unless he needs a place to stay. Sorry, just telling it like it is... at least this is the way it is 95% of the time...

Money. He needs to get his finances in order so he can take over the house on his own. His wife doesn't want the house.

He doesnt want his marriage to be a failure. The kids. He doesnt want to destroy his family. He "signed up for this."

He says his whole life he was the failure and he doesnt want his marriage to be a failure although he has done everything to keep it together (I can attest to this). If she leaves it wont appear as though he was the one who failed.

His family will get hurt if he leaves her.

He does not want to live away from his kids. Even for a moment.