The Man I Am In Love With Is Married!!!!!!!!

Last year October i met a man when i was on my way to my place from my friend's place, he drove passed me, waved and i waved back, before i knew it he was driving back as he was going the opposite direction. I ran but he packed his car and ran after me. His efforts to want to talk to me made it hard for me not to give him my numbers. We went on a few dates and before i knew it i was in love with him.

He told me about his kids and the mother of his kids, which didn't bother me as he told me about it from the start so i knew what i was getting myself into. Everything between us has been great, i got pregnant in April, he was so excited but i was scared ans stressed so i ended up losing the baby. He was so supportive in an amazing way he even wanted me to move in with him but i couldn't due to the fact that we are not married.

What he told me about the mother of his kids is that they dated and she got pregnant where they forced him to pay damages for her. He said their relationship was not working so she left and went back home and he took his son and stayed with him. They had an arrangement that she can come and visit so they ended up having another child together. He always told me he loves me and shes in his life because they have kids together and i believed him. We use to joke about me being his second wife since he payed damages for her and all.

Recently we spoke about getting married and he told me he wants me to be his SECOND WIFE and told me that the mother of his kids is actually his wife and he wants her in his life because he loves her. He told me that there were times she came to visit and he didn't tell me about it because usually we would go on a weekend away every time she came. He told me that she would come, he would take her out, go shopping and all. This shocked me as i thought things were the opposite i never thought they had sum sort of a relationship going not to mansion intimacy.

The thought of him sleeping with her, touching her the way he touches me, sitting in a restaurant the way we do is killing me. I can not be someones second wife, i don't want to share him with this lady. I want to be someones only wife. I cannot have my kids growing up in an environment where their father has two houses and sometimes there, sometimes not there.

I love this man so so much and feel humiliated to even walk away and start over, what do i tell my friends, family and everyone around me. How do i forget him and start over?

I'm hurt and cant imagine life without him.
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You're sick if he has a wife why would you even consider being with him if he's doing that to her what makes you think he won't do it to you later lol that should make you feel worse ... Pathetic

Are you kidding me? You are nothing more than an easy mark for this guy. I bet he waved to 10 other women before you waved back at him and gave him the "go ahead" he was looking for! This man is crazy! Watch yourself! Hes a preditor!

thanks will do that XOXO

I totally understand how u felt... i been through this before. woman tends to be on the losing end no matter wat. Its definitely not easy to hang on and lead life like tat... its torturing....i will suggest u to find a way distract urself from all this thots. Though is not easy but If you can, meanwhile look for someone else and move on when times is right.

thanks hey, someway i have to gather strength to move on