And They Live ....happy .....without Each Other

Dear readers,
Here is my story.
I am 26 years old .After I finished university started working in a Company as an accountant
After the first year, started to know better my boss, and started communicate a lot more often
because he started staying daily in the Co. He is a manager, and I have studied for being a manager, and I just adore how he solves the problems. I was engaged at that time with my best friend, the same age. Suddenly one day he just kiss me rapidly saying I am sorry. And I answered
-that is ok, I already forget it, let me alone I am busy. From that day, we started communicating a lot more about our private life, I was having problems with my boyfriend trying to start living together, his family do not approve that, they liked me but wanted to live with them, profiting our money. I just wanted to live alone with my boyfriend. At work was a hell, my boss started makes me compliments all day long. Me and my boyfriend rent a home, and started living together, but our 6 months were terrible, we do not make love, rarely kiss, and had a bad communication. I tried a lot to understand him...but bbbooom one day I said to my boss, I want to stay alone with you. We just went near sea and made love like crazy persons (4 times). I just feel terrible at home.
After this, the next day I say to him, you got what you want, now leave me alone.
He just cried in my knees, eventually he had had the most beautiful afternoon of his life. .........
After that, we have build an affair , for 2 years.
3 Months ago I got married with my boyfriend, and just wanted really to stop the other relationship.
I would like having a baby. Four days ago I slept again with my boss.
Yesterday I say to everybody I will left my job here in the Co.
I just finally understand, I want to have a baby, and dreams to make true, I do not want to work for anybody. My husband do not understand why I am leaving my job, but after all this I have my life to build up again.
I think I am terribly in love with my boss, he is a married man with 2 kids. My brain says to me I have to go away. These are difficult times for me, because on one hand is my boss that says that he needs me and on the other hand is my husband saying me it is so difficult to find another job, we do not have a home, we are poor and I just feel this is the right thing to do.
I believe in my self, I have a lot of self confidence, courage and enthusiasm. I just need to start FRESH.
Thank you so much for reading my story. I would appreciate every comment, every advice. Have a nice day
Sofia9 Sofia9
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

People like you disgust me.

Judging others and spreading criticism is surely not a good thing to do, but I simply can't help it with people like you.

You deserve your husband to cheat on you too with someone from work, after you will give him two kids. And I am a believer in karma.

The poor wife... and your poor partner.
Simply disgusting.