Wake The Hell Up!

Wild I know the Bible says women are the weaker vessels but it doesn't say we are the stupid vessels. But that is what we are for being involve with a married man "STUPID". It ain't love it's lust we confuse the two. Reading all the different stories and mine is just another one makes me wonder ladies are we going to be fools all our lives? Hell, they all say the same thing like I am not happy in my marriage, bull **** that's what it is but we buy that lie. Why? Because we are all looking for love in the wrong places. We buy the lie and than help them believe the lie by giving in to him. My sister we must know our self worth and we are worth more than being a second hand hoe. Harsh words but it is what it is.

We are wasting our time, our energy and our love on anothers woman husband that will never never never be ours. So ask yourself the question what am I getting out of the deal. You can't go to any social event with him. You can't introduce him to family and friends. You can't even call him at certain time we have to text yall know the game. He is having his cake and eating it too at our expense.

In the mean time the wife is in the house, driving the cars, spending the money, and I know what we want to think. Well ,she may be doing all that but he's not sleeping with her. Dummie, dummie, dummie, he is sleeping with his wife. Face it ladies we are just ***** on the side that's all. Wake up my sisters life is too short why waste it on a married man. We can do better and we do deserve better. Kick him and all his lies to the curve and enjoy your life. Don't give up on true love it's out there and he won't be married. Peace
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After my second affair with a married man I realized after eleven months that I am drawn to married men and I have decided to go a different route and invest in a single one when I find one. I still think about him but I stopped answering his calls. but this site has really helped me me get through this tenuous period plus one of my coworkers who I realized does care. any response is appreciate I could use the support cus I did not tell my parents and my mother is having health issues right now. just wanted to express myself I feel a little better anyway Miss K

I am in the process of learning this very hard lesson. But you are not a fool; you're a smart and strong women. Than comes shining through in your post. You have "seen the light." At the end of the day, that is all that matters. The only thing we can do now is move forward one step and one day at a time. It gets better and it gets a little easier with each passing day. Hang in there sweetheart, you will make to the other side and come out better and wiser for it.

Very good! well said, I'm proud of you! You are not designed to be used and then tossed and given nothing for your time. They wont give up what they have for you. They like what they have, they are selfish and would deny they even knew you. You are worth more than that, you are not created to be a secret kept in the closet, but to be a jewel honored by the man who loves you. Dont stress, just stop, turn around and take another route, one that will give you lasting results.