My Experience Dating A Married Man......the Saga Continues

Well when I first came to this site I was dating a very married but seperated man, and my conscience and heart were very heavy. I tried to be supportive of him once he moved outta the house and the divorce was almost final but the closer it got to the final days of court the more determind his ex was to come between us she has been to my home my childrens homes and even made snied and rude comments about my deceased grand-daughter my daughter had to call the police to get her to leave her house.... Which for me was the last straw! I love him dearly to this day but at the end of the day i feel he let me down when he could have put a stop to alot of the drama goin on I have not seen him or been intimate with him in over 5 months (yey me) and every day is just as hard as the last you dont find what we have everyday. But at the end of the day I had to make wise choices and this woman refused to stop and had i not have ended it even though he moved out and was in his own home, she would have kept on untill one of us was hurt or in jail and thats not the future i want for myself, him or for her even I have nothing against her i empathize that they were going through something very hard, so i took it upon myself to be the bigger person and walk away! i still see him because his brother lives next door so on those rare days he visits i make it a point to stay inside and not make it any harder then it already is he still calls from time to time but he is respecting my wishes for now though he says whats meant to be will be some day he gives me my space now and that took some time the first two months he called constantly day and night showing up at my house my office, sending cards.... but i explained to him that i do really love him and i know he loves me and that was all the more reason for us to walk away rather then to allow one another to be hurt and mixed up in drama. So i am geting used to not having him in my life everyday but I cant help but wonder each day if i made the right choice or if i should have stayed by his side through out the hardships and drama!
And I guess we shall see if the old saying is true if ou love something let it go... if it comes back its yours and if not it never was... Thanks again for all the comments and advice
confusedcountrygirl confusedcountrygirl
Dec 5, 2012