Dating A 25 Year Old Guy With 2 Kids And Not Sure Where It's Heading.

he is one of my best friends and we've known each other since 5 years and he's best friends with my bro as well. his divorce is still on going and he's been separated for a little over 6 months now (they were married for 6yrs). he has 2 kids, a 8 year old daughter with a 54 year old woman (he got to know he had a daughter only when she was 3yrs...long story) and a 5 year old son with his ex-wife, the reason for the divorce was because her ex-bf was in the picture, so they were continuously fighting over that issue. now she got back with her ex and is pregnant with his child. my bf's ex-wife and i use to be friends until we started dating and now she doesn't talk to me, but i don't hate her or anything, just sad that their marriage ended the way it did, the thing my bf was afraid of coz he comes from a broken home and didn't want his son to go through it. i've known his kids ever since the day they came in to his life and i get along great with both of them.

as for me am 25yrs. broke up with my 1st bf whom i've been dating for 9 yrs a couple of months ago bcoz he cheated on me....he's been trying to get me back and even had a heated argument with my current bf....but my ex still hasn't given up. i know i still have feelings for him but am afraid of getting hurt the way i did. my current bf says he loves me and treats me great but he says he doesn't want to get married or have anymore kids ever. but before things got bitter with his ex-wife they were planning to have a baby. it upsets me alot that he doesn't want that with me someday, coz am at the prime of my youth and i want to get married and have kids someday soon, and suddenly now i feel like our relationship is going nowhere and i feel lost not knowing what to do. should i break up with my current bf? give my ex another chance? pls help me out, my heads a mess right now. thanx in advance
bokuragaitasean bokuragaitasean
22-25, F
Dec 31, 2012