Why We Cheat, The Confusing Rant.

There are reason why we cheated on our wife, we can write several lines about it, starting from the lost of sexual intimacy, and the common lost of interest. but the base line for me is simple.

its because polygamy is no longer accepted by the common society.

how selfish can a woman be..

in your ego and emotion you crave for the attention and force us man to devote our self to you and only you for the rest of our life.

we became entrapped by the same routine, the same talk, the same argument with you.

we became the dull unattractive person who no longer has the drive to find our self.

granted, some men, they dont deserve to be called a husband,

those who abuse their wife, I have no respect for them, these maggot need to be killed.
leave them and start a new life.

those who abuse their children, they are your blood! take care of them, and they will be there for you when you are old!.

those who no longer give attention, the love, the compliment, and the motivation to make their wife, a beautiful supportive wife, these woman are not your slave! you have to do your work around the house too when you come home, you lazy bastard.

but what about those who has been kind and supportive to their wife and still wanting another woman in their life?

If I had an issue about us, we talked to our friends, both men and women, but they dont know you like your husband know you!

If we want to do something without you, we get worried when we left you behind, but if we take you, then there is so many thing which makes the experience less about me, and more about us!

I kept wondering if another woman whom I would take as my second wife will solve the problem, and I come to the conclusion it would.

If polygamy is accepted, I can run away somewhere, and not to worry about both of them as they can support each other both morally and physically.

They will be a good friend who can talk to one another, shop together, as well as other activities.

Then I thought, what if she wants someone else, how much I would be hurt, by not being able to have her for my self. I would have left her, and if I love her that much I would stay in the relationship.

so then against my initial judgment and ego, I thought being married is such a bad idea.

but being single for the rest of your life is even worse and I dont like being lonely when I am old.

at the end I thought its best if I had a mistress, where she would support me during my ordeal with my wife, she can be discreet, and my wife is happy knowing I always comes back to her.

any wife will be hurt and heartbroken if she know their husband cheated, so I will keep it very discreet, and take the secret to my grave, as I dont want to lose her.

its best if I cleary indicated to my other lover that this engagement is a long term and bonding, it must be discreet, for the sake of all party involve, you will have me, and all my problem, as would I to you, I will not abandon you for her sake, and you have to understand that I will not abandon her for you. this is where I draw the line, and if you are not happy, then well its best to go on a separate way.

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26-30, M
Jan 15, 2013