Dating A Drummer

Hi! I am completely in love with an amazing guy who is working towards becoming a professional drummer. We have been dating for 2 and a half years. He is graduating soon from college and is looking into different areas like the Navy bands, cruise ships, gigging in cities, etc. We love each other, but often get stressed out about the fact that I still have 2 years of college left. As musicians yourselves, what advice could you give me to help this situation? What can I do to support him and show him that we can still be together? Music is his life and I completely understand that, because I play Euphonium and piano, even though music is not my profession. The fact that he loves music is one of the reasons that I love him. I just want to show him that I can be a part of his life too without him having to give up music. I just kind of want a view from the perspective of a musician of what you would want from a girlfriend in this situation.
Elnida Elnida 18-21, F Jul 21, 2012

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