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Okay, so we're not exactly "dating". I may be weird but I think the concept of a "date" in the traditional sense is very narrow.

Anyhow. My boyfriend plays his improvisations which are really impressive. He's a talented piano/keyboard player and has made songs for me on occasion too. He can also play drums, though I've never heard him (not sure he has his own). He's made a CD for a friend's birthday years ago, but he won't do more with his talent. I really wish he would :( His music is sweet, romantic, playful, and flows very well, with a crystalline sound. It really helped me, a lyrics&singing maniac, appreciate instrumental music more.

Yep... I love him and I love that he's a good musician. :)

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Mine is LDR, pen pals, never met, but he's awesome about keeping up with me. We don't always get as much time to write to each other anymore, but we encourage each other with our goals. Given the extreme distance, if he finds another girl I will try to be happy for him, same with him if I find another guy :)

good for you! Mine was also LDR (we did meet though) and for several years and, even though it ended (I don't think distance alone would have been a reason) I still know how significant that relationship has been to my growth. Your relationship sounds intimate in spite of the distance and I wish you both good luck! :)

Thanks! Even when it doesn't work out, sometimes you remember cool things that were said during the chats and it makes a positive difference. Plus, if it doesn't work out, you get to blame it on the distance lol :D One really neat thing is that since he met me he's been doing really well in his concerts :) He claims I'm his first gf, and at one point he did have another girl whom he met after me, who lived a lot closer, but I was ok with it since I find myself liking other guys at the same time too. I wasn't really upset with him at all, but he chose to break up with her and felt that it was wrong :') He really didn't have to - I was ok with him having an extra girl so that if I found someone else, he wouldn't end up heartbroken. But then, he's the kind of person who seems to like to focus on one main goal at a time :)

aw you two sound really sweet! <3

Be careful what you wish for! My boyfriend has 4 projects and between them it seems i have to wait around until hes ready to hang out with me. Its awesome to see him using his talent but there is a downside. Not saying i dont appreciate him, it just can be frusterating when your stuck at home and hes on a 3 week tour going to all these great places without you.

chromaticone - LOL. I'd never heard that one.<br />
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eggyweggs - I think I know my boyfriend a little better...

Q: What do you call a guitarist with no girlfriend?<br />
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A: Homeless

I love dating men that can play an instrument, sing, and/or write lyrics. They really touch my heart.