I Am A Woman Musician

I'm a woman musician, and am hoping to find a man for a long term relationship, who also plays old time music, such as guitar, fiddle or banjo.  It's hard being a woman musician because most of the places I go there are mostly men there.  The men I have tried to jam with are married.  It's also hard being a single woman who is a musician.  For me, a romantic partner and my music would be equal.  Music is "me" and I can't give that up, which is why going with another musician would be great for me, because he would understand this and feel the same about his music, at least I hope so.

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Howdy, kctiger, you are a doll. I don't know how to message you, or I would. I love to play country music, too -- Carter Family, Hank Williams, Patty Paige and Patsy Kline -- all the oldies and greaties. I like most of contemporary country that I've heard, but am not real familiar with the names of the musicians.<br />
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I like live country music and I use to date a drummer, I will have to message you, see where you live, I know a lot of musicians.