Brand New Experience With A Soldier

I met my guy on many shared emails we decided to meet. Our 30 mins coffee meet, turned into a 3 hour incredible date. We have this really great connection! So it's a month later and we've learned a lot about each other. I'm a nurse, he's active Army and works at the local armory. His time is SOOO limited though... And we can be having a text conversation and he's just gone... I guess my insecurity of a brand new relationship (and I used the term "relationship" loosely, because we haven't discussed exclusivity) has gotten the best of me..However he is worth it, and I know that I tend to put my foot in my mouth at times, and wear my heart on my sleeve... So I ask this... What should I expect? I'm willing to give it my all...but I want to be realistic and have some idea of what I'm getting myself into...Thanks guys!
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1 Response Sep 29, 2011

Giving yourself time is always good. I am all about making good choices. Take your time and just see where it leads you. Do not dwell on it because you will either drive yourself crazy or be 5 steps ahead of him and drive HIM crazy. I want future updates :)

Well it's over a year later, and we are going strong! We experienced an unexpected pregnancy from an awesome snowy Vermont vacation we took last Dec.. But you know, he was a stand up guy and we moved in together after finding out about the pregnancy. Unfortunately we miscarried, but it only brought us closer. He is absolutely amazing and still takes my breath away to this day. Currently he is deployed so I'm getting all the experience I ever wanted in the Army life :-) And unfortunately our life is on hold (as far as the marriage and kids part) as he will leave THIS deployment early and go to another 9 month stint. But I am ever so devoted to him. He's had quite a few hardships that I wish he never had to go though. But I want to be the one person that sticks it out. He relies on me, as I do him. We push each other to be our best while we are separated, but can't wait to be with each other. He takes every opportunity to call or Skype and even to come home and see me. He is the one I've waited my whole life for. And it's true what they say, there is no love like a soldier's love. Thank you so much for your advice. It always nice to hear kind advice. Hopefully you got the follow-up you wanted ;-)