Why I Shouldn't Date

I've been dating this guy for about 2 weeks, we've gone out together about 6 times. Last night after dinner, he asked me to see his house so he could show me his cats. I love cats and have always had one. When we got there we were sitting on the couch petting his two cats, they were very friendly. He said the usually didn't go to strangers but they seemed to like me.

I begin to think this was just a line because he kept scooting closer to me. Finally he put his arm around me. We had sat close before and even kissed on occasion but never when we were alone. After he kissed me I told him that kissing was as far as I could go. This didn't seem to bother him because we sat there in each others arms and kissed and talked about cats for a long time. Finally I said I needed to go home because I had to go to work in the morning. He said OK, so he drove me home without incident. Now I wonder if I got him all wrong or if this is just part of his seduction technique. The next time we go out, I'll tell him that I intend to be a virgin on my wedding night.
Chigeko Chigeko
18-21, F
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I agree with Larrybimm, do let him know how you intend to wait until marriage. He may feel the same way and if he doesn't, better for both of you to know now.

very good for you! Do take care if not " cheok itai yeohhhhhh!

he has cats. that usualy means he has a kind heart. <br />
or he has a lot of rats. <br />
i think your safe. you have one of the few gentle men left in the word. most animal lovers are very caring ppl. so tell him you wnat to be a virgin on your honey moon im sure he will understand. <br />
altho i would never my self want a virgin on my honeymoon. i a bit different than most men. a virgin dont sond very atractive to me.<br />
but to each his own. i wish you well

If you plan to keep yourself, you need to tell him. Unless a man knows this and ahs been wiht you a while, being alone with him isn't fair for either of you..... unless you are tinking about changing your mind. The right man might come along.

No guy that has 2 cats would take advantage of you. Cat lovers are gentle souls and make the best lovers.

If your trying to protect your virtue, you should never be alone with a male, especially at his house. Your lucky he didn't take advantage of you.