Im dating a truck driver. He is 23, I am 24. We have been "Seeing" each other for over 2 yrs and have been dating for 7 months. I dont think he is cheating really, but im pretty jealous so the thought is always there. here is the issue. I went on the road w him for 6 months then decided to come home. When we started officially dating, having been in love for over a yr already, we were talking about marriage and kids and even started trying to get pregnant. well, ive been home for like 2 weeks now. and for the past month he has been avoiding the subject of getting married or having kids, yet still does the things to have kids. He already calls me his wife. The thing is, he said now he cant get married bec he bought his own truck and can only be home 2 days about every month. but hopes we end up getting married (even if we break up bec of this) in 3 yrs. this is when he is done paying for his truck and can come of the road. Im very confused. He says I am the only one and will always be the only one, even if things dont work out btw us. I dont get why if u want to marry me 3 yrs from now, y dont u want to marry me now? He once said it was because he wouldnt be able to b the husband or father he wants to be.... My question is..... Should i believe this? Is this the real reason, or should i be suspicious and possibly break up.
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My boyfriend has told me the same thing about how he wants to settle down with me, have kids, etc. He also has been BEGGING me to come out on the road with him and I finally agreed. I'm kinda nervous about it now though. What was it like traveling on the road with your guy?