Boyfriend Is a Truck Driver

I've been dating my boyfriend for 6 years he's been a truckdriver for 5 of those years.  I believe in my heart that he is cheating. When he comes off the road he turns his cell phone off immediately, and only turns it back on when ever he leaves our house. When ever I question him about this behavior he likes to tell me that this is his home time and he does'nt want the company to bother him...I find this hard to believe.

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I understand how you feel because I'm seeing a truck driver I met him back in July of this year.We are not in a serious relationship yet but.I hope to get into a relationship with him.the problem is that his schedule is crazy and he doesn't have much time to spend with me.I want to talk to him about starting a relationship but I don't want to push him away or scare him off

Thats bullshit, i bet he has a passcode on his cell too. and those mother flower collect phone numbers from every truck stop they stop for diesel,,, from office where they picks or drops loads.
From every where. Believe me i know. Some of them pick a companion and taken on the trip. Those over the road trucks have sleepper and are comfortable,and those m f use it as a motel,And when they get home you can not touch them, they complaint are tired of driven too many hours, they have a terrible day with the broker,a lot of bullshit. Another, yull never know how much money they make,,they get paid cash and check.If he is one of those over the road driver, those have a cheaters master degree... Some live a dobble life..a wife and childre in one state and a gildfriends and children in another,, .and you can not complait coz you are crazy,you jealouse you the one that make him run out of home . If you really wanna know what hes up too,,you have to be one "007 agent". Like i did...ha ha ha otherwise shut the hell.up..and keep pretending happineess.

I understand! Mine has been doing the same think! It took me 2 months spending lots of time looking for him. He kept his profiles private but finally screwed up! I saw a lot and it wasn't good! Needless to say, he said I was on it before I met you, and I'll be on it , when you are gone! So have a nice life B/F. I don't want your nasty *** and mind!

Hi I am at other end of this deal, I have a bf he is a trucker, when he goes home he makes excuse he left his phone charger in his car and can't talk for awhile and I am not able to reach him all day long when he goes home, later at nite he will send a tex, this is the 2nd time he has done this to me and when he is driving he communicates alot each day. It does hurt me.

Trust your instincts. They usually have your best interest at heart. Good luck to you hun.

Either you trust him or you don't. If you don't then talk to him or learn to live with it. If not you will just destroy your relationship irregardless if he is cheating or not. And personally I shut my phone off when I'm home also. I don't need work trying to get me to come in when I usually only get 3 days off a month as it is.

My boyfriend is a driver too and I caught him on dating sites , dogging sites and flirting with different women on Facebook , he says nothing ever went on but I don't believe him , he too is very secretive with his phone . Last year I cheated on him because I'd had enough of his lies and deceit . I really thought me and him were over , however we patched things up and he packed on driving . Things are so much better now . He made a sacrifice of something he truely loved doing so he could keep me ..

I dated a married truck driver for 5 years...he spent almost every weekend with me went home to Minnesota around 6 times a year....he said he was waiting for his youngest to graduate from college in 2012 ...we will see...we haven't seen each other for 3 years and are suppose to meet June 1 2012 to see where we are...

I dated a married truck driver for 5 years...he spent almost every weekend with me went home to Minnesota around 6 times a year....he said he was waiting for his youngest to graduate from college in 2012 ...we will see...we haven't seen each other for 3 years and are suppose to meet June 1 2012 to see where we are...

I also am a Truck Driver. I have been for the past 12 years. In this time I have been accused of all by my church to my X wife and 2 X girlfriends. I have been told I must be cheating cause I did not have a Cell phone. Then when I got one, I was cheating cause I had one. My X wife and I ended up getting divorced not cause I did cheat, I just got fed up with being accused. X Girl friend, turned out she got "lonely" and since she figured I was cheating, she should too. She got knocked up and I said see ya. Last X, same situation. I know many drivers, we never have time to fool around. To be honest and the lady I am seeing now gets my point, I drive all day long, I grab food to eat on the road and continue through the night. I avg a work day of 17 hours. When I am done, Sorry, I am too damn tired to want to play with a sleeper leaper. I turn off my cell phone when I am home, to be honest, I dont want to hear from anyone. I want to ride my horse. I want to play with my dogs. I want to spend time with the lady I am seeing. I dont want to hear from "friends" or from my work. <br />
Just my 2 cents

Just because he turns off his phone when he reaches the front door doesn't mean he's cheating. There are drivers who cheat, and drivers who are as true as an arrow. The ones who are going to cheat are going to do it, and they don't care about long-term relationships. The true-blue guys, they just aren't going to do it, no matter what's in front of them. <br />
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There are a lot of "lot lizards" at the truck stops, to be sure. It's available - if he wants it. But if you two get along well otherwise, other than you worrying about his fidelity, then he's most likely telling you the truth.<br />
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Different companies treat drivers at all different levels of abuse. Some are more, some less, but it's all abuse, just the same. They push drivers beyond what is reasonable, healthy, safe, or legal. They wear drivers down so that when they get home, they are dog-tired, and those few, precious few, days off are way too fleeting. Even so, some companies will call a driver off of home time, because of some "hot load" and they "have no one else in the area." It "has to be delivered"... and can't be late. I've heard it all. <br />
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I had one dispatcher call me on my land line phone, when I had both a cell and a land line. She was extremely rude to me, and said that she had been calling and calling [my cell phone] and leaving messages. The thing was that where I lived, I didn't have service on my cell phone at home, so the phone never rang. They needed me back to work (after only 1 day home) to go get this load out of Brawley, CA going to Chicago, and I had 1 1/2 days to get there. I was - what's that word? Rhymes with twist? Especially after I listened to her vile messages on my cell phone. <br />
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When I got done with the load, and was routed back to the company terminal, I went inside and told her, "I pay for that cell phone... not for YOUR convenience, but for mine. My days off are important to me, and I don't appreciate you interrupting them." She said that ALL days off on the yard (in another state than where I live) are considered home time. Oh, you know I was ready to strangle her. <br />
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We argued about that, we argued about stuff every day I was there. I was never happier in my life than to say goodbye to those people. <br />
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Ask your b/f about his company. Is he happy there? What kind of problems does he have with the company? Do they abuse him? Do they ask him to violate the law? To drive sleepy for instance?<br />
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If that's the case, put your fears to rest. Most people do not have the slightest clue what truck driving is like, and make many assumptions. The more you understand, the less you will worry about.

I have been married for 4 years now to a driver. If you feel that something is up its is. My husband did the same thing when he got home he never left it anywhere, until one night he forgot to turn it off and at 10:30 at night he got a text from a friend but shock to me when i looked and it said hon can you meet me? checked a few more and that wasn't the only one from this person, 2 days in a row was asking him to meet but this friend is from B.C and is not in Ont. He admitted it was a women he met on line but were just friends. well now im looking on the net and found him on dating married sites/dating sites he still says he not cheating he just does it to read the profiles funny I found him on a site since 2007 while i was taking care of my dying father. the last one was march of this year

My boyfriend is also a truck driver. We've only been together for a little over a year. This was so difficult for me at first and its very hard to get used to if you've always been in relationships where you each other every day. Trust is a big factor in this. Sometimes it seems like he could be cheating on me as we can go days without speaking, but I have to remember that being a truck driver is a very demanding job that can drain them of every ounce of energy. Most of them do not have time or energy to cheat. Cell phones dont always work in all areas of the country and when it does work it is constantly ringing with people who have demands that have to be met NOW. I can understand why he would turn off his phone. However, if this behavior is new, I can see why you would be skeptical. And most drivers do have two cell phones, but it's not always because they are cheating, its because they are professionals that happen to have a personal life.

I am married to a truck driver, we've been together for 3 years, let me tell you what, do what I did, tis secretive business with a cell phone is a cover up, check his cell phone bill on line, if he refuses, he's hiding something, usually they have more than one phone, trust me, ended up mine had a girl friend throughout our relationship, even after we were married, he bought her a car, gave her money, and I got to talk to her.

It may be hard to believe but I was almost the same way. When I had home time, I didn't want to be bothered till it was time to go on Sunday night. And I never thought about cheating.<br><br />
But only you know or feel if he is or isn't. <br><br />
It's not an easy job being gone so much. I always wanted to be home with my g/f and missed a lot of things. When i did get home, usually every week by Saturday morning at the latest, I couldn't wait to get home into something that didn't have wheels. At best, I got maybe 40 hours at home every weekend. But there were times with another company that I had to be out for anywhere from 2 weeks to over a month or 2 before I could get home. And that was the pits.<br><br />
And forget about the truck stop cuties. Just like this military town I'm in, all the ladies have heard all the stories and come on lines before. And when you have to be somewhere at a certain time, there's really no time to fool around with a waitress. And you aren't the only one that may be hitting on her.<br><br />
If he calls you every night, as I did with the ex, then you're still the one he cares about. And if he's given you no other cause for alarm, I wouldn't worry about it.<br><br />
But you can message me if you wanna talk more, or hear how it is being a trucker.<br><br />
Good luck!