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Hi. The man that I am dating.. and one day hope to marry is currently an OTR truck driver. We knew each other in high school and got reconnected about a year ago. Since then we've been dating and things have been great. We we first started going out he was working for a temp agency so the times that he was gone would only be for about a day or two the max. He started working OTR for Arrow in July. When he first started working I went OTR with him and things were a little rocky at times, but we stood through it. Problem is.. Arrow is a pretty ****** company.. pardon my manners. So money wasn't what it should have been. We plan on moving to Dallas, TX together.. both to help further his career and mine. But with Arrow and the pay they were giving it was impossible to try to save up for the move..we're in NC now. So I am coming off the truck to get a job and help pay for our big move when he can get some good local or regional work. Being OTR he's out for all but 2-3 days out of the month. This is the first time in our relationship where it will be like this. It's very hard letting him leave not knowing the next time he'll be home. I have no worries about cheating or anything like that. But I know his company and I see how shady they are. They get on him like white on rice if he's even an hour late for a load. But for our home time this last time together it wasn't until a week and half after the time that we requested that we were actually sent home. So wives/gf's of truck drivers I really would like some advice on how you all deal with the stress of having a relationship with a truck driver.. and the stress that the company can put on a relationship when they're not doing what they need to for your man! I know I've wanted to call his company and give them a piece of my mind more than a few times.

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I totally understand how it feels not to see your guy that often,I only see mine for about one day a month,can't go on the road with him cause I have small children at home.But unlike you situation I am working at the company he works for and I must say it's not the dispatchers fault cause that's what I do,they take orders from people to and if the loads are not there on time then money lost for the company and business lost.No one wants to do business with companies like that.So I understand both sides ladies, He's a hard worker and loves his job and I love mine to and miss him so much but basically you gotta have long phone conversations,send him sweet and sexy texts just keep it new and if he's tired from driving all night stay on the phone with him cause it lonely out there,always stay positive and when he starts to complain just let him know everythings gonna be ok

Hey, I can totally understand the whole crappy company. My bf has the worst dispatcher every. He flat out told him hes not giving him home time!! I was in shock. What right does he have?? It is very hard for me. Only seeing him a few times a month is not easy. The only advice I can give is keep busy and it was good you posted this. Talking with someone in the same position is so much better. <br />
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