Living The Life Of A Truck Drivers Girlfriend Gone Bad

Good morning everyone...let me share my stories of dating truck drivers and see what you think. I met a wonderful man online from a nearby city, we chatted for 3 months, talked on the phone, and eventually met in person. We hit things off great! He decided to move to my area. Jobs were scarce, he had a CDL and chose to start driving truck. First job he held he was home every day, short run company. He did not like this. So on to the next job, OTR...he would be gone for 5-12 days then home for 2 or 3. At first this went ok, as I had children to tend to and keep me busy, as well as a full time job. About 3 months after moving in with us, I noticed how women were calling him constantly. Come to find out, one was a past girlfriend, who would call/text SEVERAL times a day. He did not ever answer the phone when he was home with me, He would hit ignore. He would not get online to check email or messages while at home with me. This became very discouraging to me, and of course the first thing you want to think of is...Is he cheating on me?? I know this man loved me, he moved closer to me, he then moved in with me and my children. He would call me several times a day, we would chat online when he would be stuck somewhere waiting to load or unload. But what else did he do and with who? He then started taking runs closer to the city where his ex gf lived, I became irate! not only was she texting and calling him ALL the time, but she would leave comments on her profiles saying how great it was to see her man, coincidence? I started checking his phone (as i paid the cell bill and it was in my name) not only was she calling and texting him, but she would end with, I still love you, I want you back, I can't wait to see you again when you come this way! I then also found out he was calling her. they would talk for HOURS! usually during the time I was working or asleep. This devastated me. I ended the realtionship the next time he came home, it was for the best, Not only was myself involved with this relationship, but so were my children, and they did not need a role model like that in their life. Yes I have had past relationships, yes I have male friends, but we do not call each other or text, we do not chat online. Well...a couple months went by, and I was still mad at the fact that he did this to me, but I still longed for him, I still loved him. Out of the blue he called me one day, saying he was coming thru where I lived (I had moved) . The first thing I said was, "and your point would be?" He wanted to meet and catch up on things, I said, "I am not going to get involved or be that person who ruins a relationship for you" he said he wasn't dating anyone, he was just living and breathing work. So since my heart was pounding, and butterflies were flying, I agreed to meet at the local truck stop for coffee. We sat and enjoyed each others company and conversation. He then brought up our relationship, and the things that were good and bad. When I described how I felt, something must have hit him in the face, because he called this past ex, he told her in front of me on the phone he could no longer accept her phone calls, she needed to move on, he had messed up a chance to be with someone once, and was not about to do it again, he no longer loved her, and she had pushed their friendship way too far. He told her not to call or text anymore, and he blocked her number, After him somehow "proving" his love for me we got back together. This lasted a whole 2 months. The phone calls never stopped, the texting never stopped. I cannot beleve I fell for this AGAIN. so wth that, things ended on a very bad note this time. I told him to NEVER contact me again, to lose my number, (which I ended up changing anyways, as he called and harrassed me) I turned off his phone AGAIN. (the one I had paid for ) and told him to stay away from me and my kids. He would send me emails, he would leave me messages at work, he wouldn't accept the fact that he did wrong, he was at fault, somehow he wanted to be the innocent party here, and I would not stand for it. Several years have now gone by and do I still hear from him? On occasion when crap hits the fan for him, he still wants to blame a part of me for the way his life has turned out. He lost his CDL, he lost his job driving, no fault of mine. I was old news when all that happened. Where is he now? I really don't care. I have moved on, and so has he. so when you feel in your heart something is wrong, if you feel in your heart he is cheating or lying, or hiding something, he probably is. if he seems to get defensive when you ask one simple question, there is something usually going on he doesn't want you to know about, and god forbid, if its ok for him to talk to other women, but NOT ok for you to talk to male friends or other males for example, then recheck your relationship. From my experience to yours, may you find happiness and find love, and find yourself in a GREAT relationship. not all of them are bad, and not all truck drivers are bad, there are alot of misconceptions of truck drivers and by far there are some good ones out there! hope this helps

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I to dated a truck driver. i brought a truck and trailer and wanted to get B trailer. Got my licence and wanted to go on the road on my days off. He became abusive when i checked his computor one day and found he was in to a lot of dating sites but very sick. Yes found he was into swingers and lying and cheating was what he was up to when i was at work. I am a shift worker. His mates were discussed in him for the way he treated me. I have recently sold the trailer and now i am selling my truck. KW104 . Some men are ******** and so up them selves
he is. 54 AND WILL NEVER GROW UP . But woman out their are the same to. They have to be i know what i saw on his computor and it sickened me

I am currently dating a OTR truck driver. He is the most amazing man there is. I would never have a doubt in my mind of him being unfaithful. He is home one weekend a month & man when he's home we can't get enough of eachother. I wake up to him cleaning house & making me breakfast. He tells me everything that goes on with his life while he's on the road & tells me all the people he talks too. Not that I ask. He busts his butt so I can stay home since we are currently expecting our first child. He calls me when he wakes up & we don't hang up until bed time. Our love for eachother is so strong & beautiful that we NEVER run out of things to talk about. When we start physically missing eachother he hints to go on Skype. Not all truckers are lying cheating douche bags & I thank the lord that I found a honest, loyal, respectful, trustworthy companion to spend the rest of my life with!

Don't be fooled by the texting to you everyday four times a day. He is in a truck going a long distance and has many other ladies he's texting too. He will want to move in with you and make you think you are the only one. He will call you about a load he is picking up but there will not be signal for a couple of days. This is because he has another lady he's seeing and telling her the same story. I know from experience met a guy online dating site. He wanted to move in with me I said slow down. He kept in contact with me all along he was moving in with another lady. Poof now he’s gone because his gig is up. Ladies enjoy the products these men bring to stores but don't waste your time dating one. I also started figuring out his pay. If he’s an owner operator makes 100 k a year after, tolls, fuel, meals and repairs he is only making 25k. So go right ahead be a waitress, free sex, laundry worker and motel for your part time trucker, not me.

Its not even any better when you yourself are a trucker.I worked over the road for 3 years and have met every type of man possible out there.Alot of the guys are nice, but they just dont have the time to make a relationship work.Topple that with child support and past bad relationships none of them are worth a damn.<br />
<br />
They're either too broke or trying to live like a teenager again and have as many women as they can.. like you cant find out about this eventually.Im glad im off the road.Aside from my good trucker buddies that i still have and associate with, i dont think i'd want another lieing *** trucker ever again

i fell for one too i talked to him for 8 months everyday all day long then i found out a lie and confronted him and poof he was gone. they are all sleezebags

I too was involved with a trucker. I had known this guy since highschool, but we were not friends at that time just classmates. I became close friends with his family over the years through a relative in his family. I just saw him this year at a family gathering and we decided to start talking on the phone because he was on the road. We would talk daily about his job and mine. Then I began to notice he was becoming aggravated with our phone calls claiming he was busy or sleep. So two days ago he told me had found someone else and was not in love with me, but her. This really hurt me because I wanted for our relationship to work, but I guess with these guys being on the road and seeing different women it is hard and I am GLAD he was honest and did'nt try to play me.