And Im Gonna ****** His *** Up and Marry Him Too

i hould have joined this group a long time ago!  idk why i never thought about this one ... anyway im 5 years older ... i just turned 27 today and he will turn 22 in july .... we remained friends for the longest because i couldnt even picture being any more with him because of his age, but the feelings developed, they were strong, and mutual and hes amazing. Hes the most amazing man i have ever been with. Ive seen him do things, make changes in himself, etc that most grown 30 year old men cannot do. He is an AMAZING father to my 4 year old daughter. I have always been EXTREMELY cautious of who i let into her life, or who i ever even let her meet, or know AT ALL. But Brandon is AMAZING. He loves her like his own, matter of fact there is no telling him that she ISNT his own daughter, and he is the father she deserves.

He really blows my mind sometimes, how he does things men much older than himself cannot or would not do. Hes a united states marine and I think it has factored into his maturity level a lot. The marine corps turns boys into men, theres no doubt about that. He gets out this august and I cant wait for him to come home to us, and for us to begin our lives together.

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Feb 17, 2009