I'm Silly!

Yes, I am... in a way. But not in a obvious way. Momo is just two years younger than me! But, by the reaction of one of my aunts, you'd think he was twenty years younger! XD

Pfft to her! He's the same age as my sister. Heehee! :-)

Granted, it is new to me, as everyone is use to me dating older guys. But, Momo... he is so much cooler! And he has the soul of an 35 year old. So, what's the big deal? I know... I may be shooed away from this group, because this is so silly. But, I thought I write about it anyways. Because I am bored... ;-D

Age is just an age! No matter the gap, a relationship can work! Like my best pals, Sharon and Philip! They are 30 years apart in age, but are the perfect couple, happily married! Whoo-hoo! Take that, society! :-)

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Feb 18, 2009