Back Into The Water

So after months of reckless and somewhat desperate romantic encounters following the break up of my marriage, and a period of much needed isolation, I have found myself wading into the dating pool again. This time it is very different. I have been spending more and more social time with a male friend of mine & last week he finally declared his interest in me. To say I hadn't thought about him as a romantic prospect would be a bold faced lie. He's handsome, attractive, confident, kind, funny, basically good fun. I didn't think he'd be interested in a million years so to hear him tell me how attractive and fun he found me to be was extremelly flattering. Hearing him tell me he thought I was smart and a good woman even more so. Then for him to haltingly and shyly ask if I would be interested in going to a movie with him was heart melting.

So we met for drinks on our first official date. Slapping a new label on our relationship caused for some awkwardness on my part. But all in all, he was charming and delightful. This part of him that I've just seen glimpses of involving his self confidence as a male, a sexually attractive male is intriguing. He is very patient, very in control of himself & very much intends to take things slow but every now & then he flirts and it hits just the right note. Like a lightening bolt. And at the end of our night, when I asked him to kiss me... let me tell you, I am very glad that he is a good man that I can be sure that I am safe with, who won't take advantage, because woo boy, can he kiss.

Anyways, getting back into the pool is nerve wracking, unsettling and, with this partner at least, totally exhilerating.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

good news. I am happy for you.