I Am Dating Again and Wish I Wasn't

I was single for 5 yrs and began dating this guy about three years ago.  When we first began going out we had alot to talk about and realized we also had alot in common.  The things we had in common were the fact that he had a son and daughter aswell as myself.  His son and my son were just about a year and a half apart and his daughter was a year and a half apart from my daughter.  I thought wow thats great!  We also were tired of looking for the ONE you might say and wanted to finally meet someone we both could settle down with.  I was a make-up artist and he was an electrician almost beauty and the beast.  I wasn't quite attracted at first but he grew on me day by day.  We had so much fun together so in about a years time I finally let him meet my children and I met his.  That same year he moved into my place and I gave his kids there own room so that they could feel comfortable. I mean kids need smooth transitions and to feel like they are welcomed and loved.  That second year we took the children to Walt Disney World. I thought maybe he could be the one but who knows?  Well after we got back from the trip we have been dating for almost three years and my thoughts for him began to change.  I was now 31 and he was 39 he has never been married and has told me that he is not sure that  he wants to.  In October of 08 his ex the mother of his children moved out of there old home into her own.  So he decides that he was going to move out and move there since it needed work and he was still responsible for the property.  I just felt heartbroken because the day he decided all of this was the day he told me and the day he moved!  The funny thing was he did not consider my feelings in the entire move. I mean I was told that I was his last stop but I just felt used.  So now we are still together but I just cannot deal with this transition.  He sleeps at my place and I sleep at his but I feel like in three years we took 2 steps back.  I feel like he is playing with my emotions.  He says he loves me and he wants to be with me but I feel like he should have made it clear that when his ex ever moved out of there old place that someday he would move there I would have never started playing like his wife!  I stayed single to lame relationships and had a hard heart and I allowed this 39year old man to soften it again.  I stopped going out with friends because he would get nervous due to the attractiveness.  He told me that he does not want to tell me something that he can't keep well you know what the next time a guy even opens his mouth and says I am not like that look him in the eyes and smile but say to yourself your just like all the losers I delt with and I am not dealing with another one.  And never call his *** again!!!!!!!!A waste of time.

Davis77 Davis77
31-35, F
Feb 22, 2009