I Love My Older Man!

I'm 24, dating a 39 year old man. We have an incredible relationship. Of course it has it's ups and downs, but we can communicate with each other about what's going on in a way that men my age just aren't capable of. He's secure enough with himself to accept me for who I am, and he doesn't worry about a lot of the trivial things that can get in the way of love. For the first time I really gave my heart to someone else.
Hotandcold Hotandcold
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

i still love him madly....but he said he can't be there when i need him the most.....and yet he claims to be in love with me... could not take it any more... i broke up with the man i loved with every bit of my heart and soul......he was 15years my senior and he knew me close to best.... but when i needed him he always ran away never looking back at my hurt and pain.

Well all I can say about this post is we broke up last night. It was just not meant to be.

thats so special i really like my guy and i hope that this isnt just a stupid affair im having i hope that its really lasting i think i love him ughhh