14 Year Difference

Hi everyone..i am dating an older man..i am 23 and he is 37. he has 3 kids of his own ages 13, 6 and 7...and we are expecting our first together in october 2010! we have been officiallt together for a year..but have known each other as friends much longer. I love him very much, he understands me on a level that i dont feel someone my own age ever could.he gived me a type of love and support and security that i know no other man could. we are head over heals for one another. of course we get comments from some people that dont agree with the age gap, but our families seem to accept it pretty well. I feel like when love is real that age, color, nothing matters. True love has no boundaries as long as you are happy with that person and they are happy with you then thats all that matters in the end. So no matter what anyone thinks or says him and i focus on one another and our happiness...people will come around eventually..if not they dont need to be apart of our lives because our happiness obviously isnt there number one concern..instead they judge..and thats not a true friend or family.. i love you baby!!!
jessibeckner26 jessibeckner26
Aug 6, 2010