I feel like a princess when dating an older man. I do not discredit my dating experiences with men my age or just younger than myself. But with older men I can be taught in a very, should I say maturely. Which is really important when something goes wrong. They can be awfully strict with few matters, and very caring with details in life. Older men are well tuned, when given to rational decisions. And so sexy when they blatantly dismiss some things as childish or of no importance. Lastly, older men are full of ideas, and interesting stories to tell.
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And some behave like old goats, lol... An older gentleman has always been my preference too :)

I\'ve always been attracted to older men since I was in 6th grade, a 33 year old school teacher. And you\'re right, some behave old goats (??) lol Most have long patience to listen and to please their partners.

Old goat is a grumpy or cranky old man, lol..

aha- LOL!! like \"Oscar the groutch\" from Sesame Street. hahaha! ow those were the days^^. . .

LOL... You got it, heheheee.... (✿◠‿◠)

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Thanks! It's nice reading your opinon of older men. I wish I were one of your friends.

Aww That's so nice of you, but you have over 1500 friends already. I don't think you can handle another one. LOL! We can be friends outside our circles.^^

I'd love to be your friend, but in what way outside our circles?

Many younger women are looking to date older yuys, mainly because older guys are relatively more successful in career and understand better how to treat their women. Many couples with age gap work out fine and get alone splendidly.
Agelessmate is a club for older man dating younger woman.
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Wish you will meet your true love on

Bless you, Ladyryan. You've made my day.


As an older man, that is so nice to hear. We older gentlemen to not get the credit that we sometimes deserve.

Aww there is no such thing Mach, I give credits but never given the attention I deserve. . . . IS to counter part yours. I am honored to have your friendship

I agree. This is true of more mature women too. I have been with older men and I now have older woman. Both are pleasing to me in many of the ways you describe.

Thanks for sharing your comment here to me. Appreciated.

the feeling! It's the soul guiding!

Barry you said it all perfectly. Thanks for your comment.

you are right experience is always a plus to share with others

Thank you Vinni

good for you I hope you find one that will fulfill all your desires, go after what you want

thank you Patryck. Young men has different way of engaging themselves to a womans life. And I find them exciting and full of fun and they are more of the die-hard type of a lover. Which makes a woman a goddess.