Age Is Unimportant

I am 37 years old and am dating a 50 year old man. When we first starting seeing each other it was hard for me. People were sometimes cruel and didn't understand. They would ask if he was my father, uncle, anything but my boyfriend. Even my family did not understand. Now, after 4 years they have begun to see that we are not going to stop dating. He is my best friend. We enjoy being together. And the age difference is not really that important to us.
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/I know that I';m a better lover, friend, & person now than I was in my 20s, 30s, or 40s... A lot of it has to do with the wisdom of life's experiences.
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Enjoy each other... Love is rare and beautiful.

Many younger women are looking to date older yuys, mainly because older guys are relatively more successful in career and understand better how to treat their women. Many couples with age gap work out fine and get alone splendidly.
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Thank you for the encouraging words. I am 37 and have recently met a man who's 51. We have a lot of fun together and I really think that's all that matters. I am excited to see where this relationship goes :)

Im 23 and dating a 32 year old, i call him my trucker.we are 8 years apart but most of the time we act the same age. I prefer the older guys cause they are more mature and have better idea of what life is like, so im technically able to hear about their experiences and learn from them.

That's amazing because mine is a trucker too. It's a small world isn't it. I'm waiting for him to come through so I can ride with him right now!! I agree with learning from the experiences of others, that's what life is about.

Cool!! My man and I just started dating again a couple weeks ago, well actually going out, i went to job corps for about three months. boy was that an experience.

If two people are happy with each other and feel good about their relationship....age has nothing to do with it.....does not matter the man is older than the woman or the woman is older than the go for it and have a great life...<br />
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I'm 37 and my gf who I refer to as my wife (Loveable Lulu) is 44. Her family (mostly) hate me. Just ignore it and go on.....

All that matters is that you find that person that connects with you on many levels...and that you two are happy. That connection is rare enough.....and age should never be a factor.... (granted..I am 54..and biased..but still...).<br />
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Best wishes to you both.

I agree age is just a number and no significance in how the relationship flourishes

I wish you guys the best of luck

That was beautiful and im so happy for you thanks for sharing KISSESā™„

As long as you are happy age does not matter !!!!!