I Had The Best Sex Of My Life.. It Was With A Man 26 Years Older Than Me...

I have had nothing but poor luck with boyfriends. I am 22 5.4 and 120 lbs. I feel like I turn heads wherever I go. My last boyfriend had other issues he was dealing with and wouldnt pay any sort of attention to me. Didnt want to touch me and if he did it was because he wanted to. I felt taken forgranted and ignored. He was 10 years older than me and ive always dated older guys but never felt the benefits of it. So after we broke up I went to CL looking for a guy friend just to hang out with, not really just sex. I got tons of emails and tried talking with guys my own age but they were all the same thinking with there dicks. I got a reply from a man much older than me. He was different, talked soft. Knew how women responed to sexual stimulants. Knew that women needed to be warmed up and felt beautiful and time spent with before the intercourse. Let them have theirs and spend as much time as they need. He did massages on the side and offered me a two hour massage. I was nervous and said I would consider it and wanted to meet first so he met me at a diner and we talked. I felt confortable and the next day met him with no real intentions of going any farther than the massage. He made me feel better than Ive ever felt. Ive only ever been able to give myself an ****** and he gave me plenty. His hands were soft and passionate as he massaged me, I was nervous, but I tried to relax. I turned over and felt very exposed to him but he gently massaged and I started to get really hot and with every touch I melted for him. He started kissing my body and went down on me!! The greatest experience of my life. My right hand and arm went numb and he wasnt going to stop until I said I couldnt take it anymore! I finially couldnt take anymore and begged him to stop. He kept going for a few seconds before he unwillingly stopped. He laid next to me for a few minutes before he picked me up on top of him and I rubbed against him for awhile and then we made love. Not just sex... it was amazing. He came harder than Ive ever seen before. I worry about the age difference but the love making is amazing. He listens to what I need and pays attention to my reaction to his touch. He only wants to make him happy and hes the first man Ive been with that really appreciates me.
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Great . enjoy instead worrying:)