Getting Serious W/ My Older Guy

I'm 24 and my boyfriend is currently 41 years old. We met through a mutual friend and we hit it off. I generally stay within my age range when dating so this is very different for me, but in the best way possible. So on to my boyfriend and I have been dating for close to two years and it's serious. Well he moved for his job to another state and asked if I wanted to move. At first I said no but later we decided that it would be a good move. That's when I decided to tell my friends and family. WHY?! When I initially told everyone about our relationship I guess maybe they didn't think it was serious but as soon as I stated that I was moving that's when I believe it clicked. So now everyone is being really mean. My friends constantly call him 'that old man' (of course never to his face) and they even gone as far as to say that they feel like he is a pervert. My reply is always he can't be any more of a pervert than these younger ones that are running around sticking their man parts in any and every thing walking. Now I love my friends but I will not allow them to disrespect him. My parents are fine with us dating as a matter of fact my dad and my brother like him and that's saying something. But my friends (close friends) are being really mean. Some don't even want him around. Should I feel bad for choosing to be with him?

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Good friends will never be judgmental and will respect your decisions and choices in life even if they don't agree with them. I believe you should cancel out those people from your life and stick to the ones that support you no matter who you are with.

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I think you should listen less to your friends and more to your "relationship". You know, what is best for you and your boyfriend.

Good luck and try to stay with friends, who wishes you the very best..


In my opinion, your friends do not understand because they would never consider being in a relationship with someone the age of your boyfriend. They possibly could be concerned, thinking that this man is just using you, seeing that you are a young lady, yet the choice is definitely yours.

Thank you.