He's 47 I'm 19. 28 years age gap!

We've been dating for about 3 months or so. Although we've known each other for a 18 months. When I first saw him I felt and instant connection. He works at a local butcher that my grandparents go to every week, with my granddad in a wheelchair I had to take him to places and he always went to the butchers. We have been in a secret relationship for a while. Not 1 single person knows. I sneak off and go to his until late Most days... We have both agreed to end it soon because he wants me to be happy with a man my age. And I can see its tearing him apart. Whenever he sees me texting or on the phone he questions who I'm talking too. He asks where I'm going and what I'm doing! I do love him with all my heart but we both want different things. I want marriage and children and he is a bit to old for that and my parents won't approve. But i just don't know what to do. He always says no one can ever find out about us and I always say never, no one will ever know. But he still says no one shall know.. Now he's set me up with a date with a boy that works next door to him and I can see him going into a jealous rage.. I know he will because whenever he sees me hug one of my guy friends.. He goes all red and calls me over and says is that your new boyfriend and keeps asking if I'm cheating on him. I know he loves me too but we cant be together anymore. Yet he always asks me if this is the last time we will do it and have our last kiss together. Yet he's setting me up with other guys.. HELP!! Anybody think they can give me some advice? Please be nice! :) x
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Dec 5, 2012