He's Everything I Never Knew I Always Wanted

I started working at the local truck stop right before I turned 21. I wasn't worried about falling for a truckdriver, I thought I knew what I was looking for and a man driving for a living wasn't it. At the time, one of my choo-workers was dating a driver and he had a friend going through a divorce he wanted me to meet. I told him I'd meet the guy, but I wasn't looking for a relationship. I was getting ready to turn 21,the man that walked into the store that I meet had just turned 48.
That was in 1994. In 1996, we got married and are about to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. We've been through cancer together, we both beat it and are now considered cured. We've been through the death of his mom, his sister, and my dad, and many other loved ones and have come out stronger for it. We treat each other with love, respect, and honesty. I am disabled now and he works hard to sport us both. We at both Military Veterans and that helps me help him deal with PTSD. I am very lucky and blessed to have found a man that loves me just the way he does. He treats me like a queen, because he is my king. Communication is the most important thing in our relationship. I will love him forever.
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That's beautiful.
I'm so glad you found someone to love, it proves to me that there is still hope for the world. If two people can beat so much misfortune and still love each other then I believe there is hope for this wretched species we are...

Thank you. When we first met, because he was so much older than me, my parents didn't like him. We went through that for about seven months. After that, they just fell in love with him. He takes great care of ALL my family, not just me, and he loves us all. I was blessed to find a real man.

Reading your story and comment make me wanna cry :( such a wonderful story to tell :)

Thanks. He truly is my everything. My knight in shining armor. Now that my daddy had passed away, he has helped my mom with her financial needs and with stuff that a man would do. He truly is a blessing.