Not All It Was Cracked Up To Be.

I was 18, although he thought I was 20. He was 38, was divorced with two kids and I was convinced that he was young at heart and desperate for some lighthearted fun. We dated for three months, seeing each other at least three times a week, I believed that the the sex was brilliant and the company was brilliant, he imparted a lot of knowledge. It took me too long to realise that he was just a selfish old man. He just wanted a companion on his arm and he made this very clear when he dumped me purely by cutting off all contact without a word.
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2 Responses Jan 3, 2013

Sorry you found a jerk.
Young or old, both sexes have many jerks out there. Selfish me type people are wrong for anyone looking for or wanting any meaningful loving true relationship. Do not judge others by one old jerk.
If you are wanting someone that is stable, intellege, trustworthy, reliable, caring, knows what he wants, and really knows how to take care of his women, then you will have to look for someone at least in his thirties or forties. You will have to look hard for the right one but when you find him you will have found the one that will make you the most happy. My father was 15 years older then my mother and my husband is 30 years older then I am. I and my parents could not be happier. There are many people that may at first have negitive things to say about this but this is short sightedness on their part. If the two of you are happy together that is all that matters. Those that decide against you are not the ones that you need to with since they can not see how truely happy you are. All the best to you in finding your special someone.

That's just one man. Older men come in all different styles and flavors.

Keep giving them a chance.