All That Matters Is Your Happiness

Im 19 years old and I started liking this guy that is 22 years older than me. I was scared to tell him about the way I feel and I ended up doing it anyways and i found out he felt the exact same way. We hang out almost everyday and we talk for hours and hours like we never run out of anything to say. He can make me laugh to the point where my stomach hurts. Hes so funny and goofy and I love hanging out with him. I never get bored. I can talk to him about anything and I feel so comfortable around him. I think its so cool that i can be myself. When im down he can change my whole mood around and make me happy just by talking to me and making me laugh all night long. He makes me feel beautiful and that I should be happy with myself. When im with him its like I dont worry about anything and I find myself thinking about him all the time and laughing at something that happened a week ago. A sense of humor is what attracts me the most. Not only that but hes so caring, smart, cute, and hes got a great character. He makes me feel so special and shows me how much he cares for me and I feel safe around him. I know he would protect me and I think its so sweet. Sometimes I feel like its so wrong to like an older guy. But when i think about it. Why should it matter what other people think? All that matters is what you want and your happiness. Nobody else because in the end some of those people wont even matter to you and age isn't a big deal. I see so many opinions on the website and I get different opinions from different people. But in the end I found out that they dont know what is going to happen in the future and they dont know everything and everyone is different. Life is what you make it and do what you want to do because its your life. Sometimes its good to find out for yourself and have no regret and your true friends will support you in your decision because if they dont. Than what kind of friends are they? They say they will take your youth. but not if you let them and it really depends on who the person really is. I really like this guy and I haven't told anyone because i dont want anything to be ruined. Where nowhere near a relationship just yet because i want to be sure that if i do make my choice and its what i want than thats when I will tell my friends and family. I care about him a lot and I like where things are at right now and Its our little secret. There is not point to telling anyone because thats how things always gets ruin. Honestly all that matters is your happiness and not caring what people say.
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I also am in relationship with man that is 20 yrs older than me. I love him dearly and he is very good to me in so many ways. I love the way he treats me, things we do, sexually we are awesome, way he holds me at night, things he thinks to do for me. I believe that age is just a number and that it does not matter. If you are happy and enjoying what you have then to h*ll with ppl make you feel bad or that it is wrong. If our ended tomorrow I would have rather had our time together then never have had it.

Hi jensagirl,
I'm in an age gap relationship with a man who's 24 years older than me and I see so much of myself in your story. Sometimes when I'm not around my love I wonder "Isn't it weird to like someone that old??" And as soon as he's back by my side I just know why I love him so much. No matter how bad I feel, he can cheer me up, we can talk about everything in an open way, he makes me feel so special... the list goes on forever. When you start telling other people about him you'll sometimes get bad reactions, some people just can't understand what it means to love unconditionally, but you are the one who's living your life you are the one who knows what makes you happy! Just follow your heart! Some days its easy to deal with comments, other days are really hard. So take your time and enjoy your little secret! :)

I would say he being that much older will make a long relationship hard. Then again it could be a great one. Like you said no knows the future enjoy it now. Best wishes.