I Have An Older Man Fetish...is That Normal?

I am 43 and for some years, probably at least 15 years I have been fantasising about older men over 60. They must be over 60. Just the sight of them turn me on. It is a true fetish.
I wonder whether there are other women out there who have a fetish such as this or am I the only one.
The problem is, and this is something of a large obstacle in my way, is every time I sit fantasising about them I resolve that I will flirt with some handsome specimen when I next go out. But when I am out I find that almost all of the men within the right age group are walking around in a world of their own, women are totally off their radar. They have forgotten how to flirt, probably because women don't look at them any more. This makes my life very difficult as I cannot engage them in conversation and flirt, making it obvious that I am interested in them...romantically. It's hopeless.
So I have joined a dating agency and I find that my search criteria is 'man, between 60 and 70, living within 15 miles from me', now that's fair enough, isn't it? Men do get in touch, some of them are married, most of them are in their 40s but a few are just what I'm looking for. Do you think, dear reader, that I will ever find an older man, willing to create a committed long term, emotional and sexual connection with me. The ideal relationship.
More to come...
LucyAmber LucyAmber
41-45, F
3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

yes it is a real nice fetish I have the same I am very pretty 25 years old and my love is 65 and I think its sexy and I always wear sexy satin slips for him in bed its a bit turn on for him wow

I love older gentlemen. Visually, like you, I get so aroused. I don't even notice younger men anymore. Just the gorgeous silver foxes.

This particular kind of desire is a result of having a very inappropriate sexual relationship with my uncle when I was a child, it lasted until I was 13. But for the sake of clarity, it was not penetrative, it was full of warmth and giggles as we spoke and hung out together...then, inevitably he would start touching. As the years passed I was quite traumatized with memories of these episodes, as well as feelings of betrayal etc, etc. However now it is no longer a collection of bad memories but seems to have crystallized into a deep and erotic desire that has actual physical sensations.
Regarding past partners..my first husband was 16 my senior and I really liked it but the relationship did not last. Then a series of man my own age. During this phase I did my child rearing thing and we struggled shoulder to shoulder with that. Now that the children are grown up I find that my mind can wonder to purely sexual experiences and not functional ones...and I sit and ask myself what is it that I truly desire and this is always the answer.