Hes Holding Me Back.

we are 7 years apart. When we first started dating i was seriously into him and i liked the fact that he was older and had more experience, that i could learn from.

But then he started to get really depressed and stopped wanting to go out and gave up on all the plans we made together like moving to a different city and starting a new life. it makes me so sad because i start thinking about when he was with his ex gf they bought a house and a dog and when i see pictures of them together he looks so happy and so does she.,.i just wish that, that was me we don't even really have pictures of us together like that. I feel if i was dating someone who was my age who had drive and plans for the future with me i would SO much happier. and he holds me back from the things i want to do. i don't only mean partying, like actually being happy together. not being miserable and pessimistic, it really ****** me off because i am young and attractive,sweet and trustworthy who does not deserve this kind of life. but im just somehow wishing this will change but i dont have much faith in it anymore. i'm really sad about it. i dont want to break up with him.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

7 years apart is not much. Do you think he is different now because of his age or because he is not into you anymore?? How old are you? And how old is he?