Im 20 Going On 21 And He Just Turned 33

so, im dating a guy that is 12 years older then me. He has no kids, never married and is a mommas boy. we met 3 months ago and its been going except we never went out on a date. i see him maybe once a month because he works the night shift and oh get this his ex is living with him. He saids she is staying their until she has a enough money to move. Its frustrating because i really like this guy alot and ii really wanna be with him. idk if i should continue talking to him or leave. we barely talk on thr phone all we do is text..
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I wasted two years on the sane situation. He'd always leave when I needed him. All I was was a pet. He was very much a part of my life, though I was never allowed to be a part of his. It was a kiss and no tell scenario. Don't get your heart broke. If he truly cares hell do what needs be done and go the extra mile for you.

That's absolutely identical to my ex, same age, night shift, and same story bout girl not moving out till she can afford it. His name isn't Steve is it?

Maybe the ex he is living with is still his girlfriend, this is going to sound mean (sorry) but you might be his chick on the side. Put laxatives in his morning coffee.

its just really hard because i really like this guy alot and i really want to be with him. i just hate the fact that i see him once a month and all we do is have sex talk for maybe 10 minutes and leave i want way more..

Maybe give it an opportunity to progress further than what it is? It's difficult not to make a judgement call when you don't see him very often, but people who live with their exes are either still together or not done transitioning from one another. Give it a bit more time before delving in, or go ahead and see what else in other men interests you! Good luck!