He'S White And Older; A Double.Whammy

So my parents always taught me that love is love; it sees no color, no no gender, no age, etc. We've been indoctrinated with this, my siblings and i, for as long as i can remember.

Fast-forward a bit.

i'm 21 and have recently made 1year and 1month with my boyfriend. He's been divorced for about seven years now and has a 9-year old daughter, with whom He has a very close and loving relationship with despite living in two separate parts of the country. We are very much in love and have been through a great deal while still holding on strong; He's even a month into deployment right now. My Pops is very supportive [not keen, but supportive nonetheless] despite the fact that my man is almost 32 against my 21 years of age and as White as i am Black.

My mother, however, just can't get with it. i tried to talk to her about it on a few different occasions, but she always has to be the louder one, the more experienced one. She always knows what's right. She assumes He's using me [when we were living together the last seven months before He deployed] for "the goods", and that i shouldn't expect Him to come looking for me once he gets back from Afghanistan. She

Needless to say, she and i haven't spoken since October.
CranberryCrue CranberryCrue
18-21, F
Feb 3, 2013