47 Is My Favorite Number

Hi. I'm a 21year old spunky wild party girl. My boyfriend has years on me He's 47... Strange how that has always been my favorite number. I'm moving to a red state to be with him because i love him!!! My friends are sad. They are more so concerned about me possibly having to interact with republicans than date an older man. He is a true badass!!! He has an amazing life and i see nothing wrong with it except that it doesn't meet up with the status quo. I'm so over that nonsense. No one can tell me where to move to or who to love. With my friends the biggest problem is me moving away from all the excitement and refusing to partake in all the drinking and apathy towards moving towards real social justice instead of just talking about it. The man im with was punk when you could still get your *** kicked for it. And he actually listens to punk music instead of just going to the shows with the patches and standing around looking cool. **** all that noise. Thats all i get around this blooming hipsterville. No real freedom of mind. So i guess the point is, if you find someone great, even if they are a bit gray treat them like anyone else and roll with it. Especially if they are older because one day we will all be there. Wishing our youth didn't slip away, feeling lonley. I never want my love to feel that way.he is amazing.
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2 Responses Feb 5, 2013

What about the future? Your are not scared that he will be 60 when you are still in your early 30ies?

What does your family say about this if you don't mind me asking