Afraid to Tell....

I am 21 and hes 50 and we have been secretly dating since I have been 18! I am really insecure about what my family will think and how they will react. I really love this man. It already seems like we have been together forever just.....I fear that we are loosing our spark. I get so jealous of other woman even though it seems as if it should be the other way around.

I want this to last......I just dont know how I feel right now. Has anyone else gone through these same feelings?

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6 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Hey sorry, I don't mean to sound like a ***** but you should just let him go.... Either that or you need to tell your family. Before it's too late..

Where'd you meet him anyways?! Was he your teacher or something??

Love has its mysterious ways!!!

I was kinda joking about getting knocked up and eloping hehe....thanks so much your feedback though. I understand that my relationship needs to start coming out in the open I just dont know do you know when to come out to people? I told my sister and she really betrayed me. In a way I think she tries or thinks she can black mail me. I am just a secretive person and I dont want to deal with the looks and judgements...but also I shouldnt have to hide the one person who loves me unconditionally.

Crikey, I don't think getting knocked up and eloping is a particularly good idea. Ur father is 20 years older so ur right he might understand. U know it's all sweetness and roses when ur dating in secret and if u go away together, bu when it's full time and out in the open b ready for the battle ready stares of the other women, also living with someone is really hard. Think where'll u be 15 years from now, you'll be mid thirty and he'll be an old age pensioner. I know you've thought of these things and I don't think age should be a factor, but it is. U have enough of a hill to climb, get ur family on side

It is kind of ironic that my father is 20 years older than my mother...I think they would be a little bit more understanding. I just feel that me and him are naturally drawn to each other..we tried breaking if off a few times but I know I cant just drop him...So I was thinking if we follow through with getting knocked up and eloping then would be a good time to break the news to everyone :P

Ur family will go nuts. don't matter how nice he is it is not what parents want for their daughter. He's 50 so has he a current or previous relationship. U might not b in love, it could be infatuation, they feel the same sometimes. I have had relationships with younger women and there is definitely an element of male ego involved. U say u r jealous of other women is this guy a "pla<x>yer". If he's with someone much younger other women might ask the question "what has this guy got". Don't have ur detials but these spring autumn relationships rarely last cos one of u will have to compromise to cross the age gap. I wish u good luck but ....