I Felt In Love


I am aslo dating a much older man I am in 39 and he is 66 years old, I met him 2 year ago, at first when I met him I was not sure if he was the right man but I finally felt in love with him and now I am quite confuse... I always think that dating an older man make a secure relationship but I think I am wrong or may be I am wrong...  I had the same problem as one of the story I read before, where he never told me his real age and where I had to find out by doing some research..  I confronted him and he did not like it because I find the truth about him but he finally realise that I was not in love of his age but of him.... 

Now I am totally in love with that man and I can't stop thinking about him but for some reason he is changing, he seems to be more distance with me...  He seems to be taking his distance, I am not sure what is going on and I am very confuse and also very upset...  I am not someone who is demanding in that relationship, we leave about 2 hours away from each other so we don;t see each other everyday, and I am ok with it and understand because he has a very demanding job and he also have his business to take care of.  I am not sure why I am writing all that, I guess I should find my own answer and realise that may be he is not into me anymore or may be he find a much younger girl...  I don't know and I am lost...

Thanks for reading or if you have any comment or advise please do so....



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5 Responses Mar 5, 2009

sorry above was ment to be 16 years older than me

i am 21 and i was dating a man 1 years older than me unteil very recently, i know you maybe thinking she is 21 what does she know but all i can say is the age gap got to me and ruined my relationship. I found that the fun stopped because he had been there done it got the tshit and i didnt have a say in what we did where we went. He tryed to control where i went, what i did and who i did it with. All i can say is thnk before you jump in feet first, older men are not all they are cracked up to be.

I am 40 years old and interested in a man who is 61 years old, but he looks younger than 61...I am so willing to try dating him....I wonder if he is too old for me as well.

You are worrying too much...Trust in God!<br />
Everything happens for the good and for a reason!<br />
So...sit back and enjoy Life!!!

You've got me beat on the age thing. My old man is 20 years older than me. When he hit the 60 mark. He just started getting more and more tired. He says he just don't have the energy like he used to. <br />
Did he lie to you about his age, or just not tell you? That would make a big difference to me.<br />
He is 66 years old. What kind of job does he have? Isn't it time for him to retire?