I Have Bruce Campbell to Thank.

Some days I feel older than him - he says the same thing. There's a 16 year gap, but the connection is undeniable, I'm pretty sure we've met at least once in a past life.

It scares me sometimes because he had a heart attack - as mild as one can be - at 34. It was mostly genetics, but I'm sure his eating habits and lack of exercise didn't help. He's doing better since he moved in, but I still get scared there's going to be a day I go in to wake him and... well...

On a lighter note, we met at the movie theater he was working at it. It was one of those second-run arty theaters, so I wandered in there looking to see if they were going to be playing Bubba Ho-Tep (I was wearing my Evil Dead shirt). He asked me what it was so I proceeded to say "It's the new Bruce Campbell movie, do you know who Bruce Campbell is?" He says "Yeah, he's right there on your shirt." It was a done-deal, this was my new friend whether he liked it or not.

It got to be a weird situation - we hung out, my mom kicked me out, I moved out, he chased me, when I gave in to the chase he backed off. In the past five years I've had my heart broken and hurt so bad it rivalled the night my dog died, but up to the present the good has greatly outweighed these things.

With him, I never fell in love him, it just happened.


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1 Response Jun 6, 2009