17 Year Difference.

I'm 18 and my guys 35. I've never been happier! A lot of my family and friends look down on me for this because he is only 5 years younger then my dad, but I see nothing wrong with it. Age is just a number. Me and my guy actually met in rehab, so even tho we have such an age gap we have a lot in common. We get along great together and he has every quality I want in a man. Out of all the guys I have dated around my own age have never worked out as good as this one. I understand there is a lot of work that comes with age gap relationships but as long as your both willing to work for it, I think it will work out.

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although I am normally very supportive of younger men/older women, this one raised some flags. I agree with mysticnomad, so I won't repeat what he said. Go into this and enjoy the moment, but you should be focusing on rehabilitation.

I agree with mysticnomad. I mean if things are really great and legit, then you are the EXCEPTION to the rule. Not many people are, so take a closer look. Also, from personal experience, men who like women half their age do not like them because they are exceptional; they like them because they are insecure. And, if you met in rehab...he might already have mental issues. I dated a drug addict and they are freaking irrational beings. Do not let him manipulate you. That is all I am saying. Your age does not invalidate your feelings; everyone is always going to be naive about something. However, if you have not dated enough older guys to realize what truly lies behind it, then you may want to reconsider things...but maybe not. Maybe you are the exception.

ok congratulations i myself at the age of 18 am in a relationship will an older man and i have had the full lecture from all of my friends. i dont care for the first time in a long time im happy and so is he and nobody can take that away from us

Age doesnt matter as long as your both happy and know how to handle people starting a huge fuss over it no problems... i have had been out with many older men not cause they have "Experience" its cause i liked they personally and enjoyed their company =] i hope u guys have a great long lasting relationship!! <br />
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kid you are only 18. You have not even grown up yet. He is 35 and you meet in a rehab. Now I don't you and I don't know him, but you are talking like my wife and our marriage only lasted 2 weeks and she was 6 years older than you. She thought she was alot more mature than than she was and we had known each other for 10 years before we got involved.<br />
You should be working on your recovery and so should he. I am just saying I have known a lot of people that have met in rehab's and I have never seen anything good come out of it. This is a warning. Most guys that have gone into rehabs at that age are very good con men and you might not believe me, but please take a good look at what you are doing. Run a background check and then ask for him to be honest with you (don't tell him you ran a background check on him) tell him to be completely honest, you need to know everything. If he tells you everything, Good if he doesn't than you need to leave. Don't believe any excuse like "I was too embarrassed" or or "It was in my past it doesn't matter that is why I didn't tell you" or "I didn't want to worry you" If he loves you he will be honest. If he is just knockin' boots with an 18 year old because it puts him in a position of power he will tell you just enough to make it seem like he loves you. Like I said it's a warning, I could be wrong and I hope I am, but the odds are against it. Be careful, I know if I was smart enough to run a check I would have never got involved with my wife and be much happier now.

good for you.. i agree my husband is 33 and im 23 and were both very happy and in love. i could never be with someone my own age.<br />
whatever make you happy