19 Years

 The man I am dating is 19 years older than I am, but is almost the same person as me.  Some say I am wise beyond my years at age 27, or that he is immature at 46 but I disagree.  I think some people are just made for each other.  This relationship is fairly new but has promise.


Since my first husband every other relationsip I have been involved with has been with a man who is 15-20 years older than me.  Older men make me feel appreciated, worthwhile, and safe.

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I have a 19 year difference with the guy I'm with too! <br />
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Who knows iff, like you said, I'm more mature for my age and hes more immature, who knows. But yeh I think it will always be kind of unaccepted and shocking to people when they realize there is practically two decades between the people in the relationships we are both in. I wish it was such a big deal, but I know that is too much to ask for and expect. Oh well. It works well and, just like cubbiechick I also chick about what will happen if he dies and I'm still young cause im almost 20 years younger, but then you just have to realize that a guy who is the exact age as his wife can die any day from any number of ways, car accident, in the army, etc and they could be widowed too. I think its about the same chance either way, that your significant other will be gone and you still young, alone, and sad. You just have to put the thought away, cause it is a worry I have, and hope that you will be blessed with many years with your guy even tho he is much older, you know?

my boyfriend and I are in the same situation and people keep telling me that he's too old what am I going to do if I'm widowed at a young age well my thought is I'm not guaranteed tomorrow so I don't want to risk life without him!

Us older guys appreciate what women need.<br />
Not necessarily what they want. (no man will ever know that).<br />
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Have fun and make the most of every minute.