my goal is  dating an younger woman.were friends now.I'm waiting for the right time to say how I feel about her.we're friendly to others.I'm 43 and she is  24.I concussed myself a gentleman not a jerk.Wish me luck.

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hahahaha, good luck! My husband (15 years older) was soooo nervous in telling me how he felt about me. He was worried I'd think he was a pervert, too old..or that i was far too cool to want to get involved with an older guy. He took me into his office, closed the door, took me by the hand and said, "I like you a lot, a lot more than just as a friend and someone that you work with" LOL still makes me smile.

i wish you luck! I am 21 and my boyfriend is 40. If shes a smart girl there will be no hesitations! older men are way more experienced and so much more mature!

Yes I went out with a woman of 29 a few years ago (20 years younger) Making love was great > It was strange for me to feel bones and ribs and soft skin. The rest of the time we had problems because I like to stay home and cuddle a lot. She likes to dance, party and be a little crazy. <br />
<br />
I thing it can work if you find enough things in common. I am glad we ended it because in 20 year she would be my age and I will be dead.